Crucible: Causes and Global Effects of the War of 1812 Now Available in Paperback!

JDB Communications, LLC is proud to announce that Crucible: The Causes and Global Effects of the War of 1812 by John D. Beatty is now available in paperback from The Book Patch.

The War of 1812, often called the second war for American independence, took place during a global conflict between Britain and Napoleonic France, which then controlled most of Europe. The causes for the war are often obscured, and go far beyond the impressment of sailors so often cited. The long-ranging effects of the conflict are still being felt, and may be most evident in the American way of war, with the conduct of warfare at sea for the rest of the 19th century, and in the nature of the military and political systems of the United States.

Modestly priced at $3.99, this 38-page text is also available in Amazon Kindle format for $0.99, or free for Kindle Unlimited members.



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