To Substack, or Not to Substack…

That is no longer a question.

The question is when.

A few things have to be switched around, like the JDBCOM.COM domain, which can take a frustratingly long time, several tries, prayers, and emails to different people in the spirit world of DNS, CNAME, EIEIO and other deities. And Substack will have to figure out why my archives weren’t showing up over there, despite having made all the appropriate offerings and pushed all the correct buttons twice now.

Nonetheless, https://JDBCOM.COM from WordPress will move to from Substack hopefully by October, 2022.

Why the switch? Money’s one reason. WordPress offers powerful tools for marketing and all that, but they cost money that has not paid for itself after several years of trying.

Another is the ease of use/access. While any fool–including me–can make something respectable on WordPress in an hour or so, on Substack, it takes a few minutes. AND I’ve been getting better responses/viewer rates.

For my followers who have NOT shared their emails, get on the bus over to JDBCOM In Your Inbox on Substack.

A few of you will notice that all the pages on this site have been deleted. They were garnering zero traffic, anyway, so there’s no point.

This may well be the last post from WordPress, so if you’re interested… on Substack.

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